“The earlier a child comes to grips with music, the more the brain growth will be influenced. It sets them up for life.” Dr Richard Letts Music Council of Australia.

Why study music?

  • Music students holding trophyKids who study music from an early age can do better at a range of subjects.
  • Children who play music learn there are rewards from hard work, practice and discipline.
  • Playing a musical instrument helps develop kids' creative thinking and motor skills.
    Music helps kids become more active listeners.
  • It can also enhance their health and wellbeing and increase their stamina.

Information sourced from NSW Department of Education website.

What do we offer at Wilsonton State School?


Students in our school’s Junior and Senior Choirs enjoy working together as they share their enthusiasm for and commitment to singing. They perform at local events such as Sing Out and Spring Tyme, as well as at school-based events like graduation, fete and parade.

Instrumental program

Our instrumental program incorporates a strings program, which culminates in the string ensemble, and a brass/woodwind/percussion program, which culminates in the concert band. Students participate in weekly small group lessons, and perform duets, quartets and trios throughout the year, while the strings ensemble and concert band compete in local events such as String Out, Spring Tyme and Eisteddfod.

Term 1 highlights

It is the beginning of another year and as usual, Instrumental Music and Choir will be up and running as soon as possible.

At the end of last year, a number of new students were auditioned for the 2019 Instrumental Music Program. Demand was high, and unfortunately there are only a limited number of school instruments to cater for interested individuals. Those students fortunate enough to be assigned an instrument will be given paperwork (EQ11 forms) in the first couple of weeks. This paperwork must be completed in order for your child to borrow a school instrument. It also contains a short list of items that your child will need for the use and care of this instrument. Prompt return of these forms will ensure an enthusiastic and productive start to the year. This year Instrumental Music will continue to take place on a Monday with Mr Andy Will.

Choir will also be starting in the second week of the school year. Any child in Years 2–6 has the opportunity to participate in the Wilsonton Choir. It is an unauditioned choir so anyone who is interested in joining is very welcome. Our first performance is scheduled to take place on Parade in a matter of weeks. All going as well, it will be the first of many performances.

As is always the case, the first term of school goes very quickly and in no time at all Easter will be upon us. I hope that the term ahead of us is an enjoyable and productive one!

Michelle Murphy - Classroom Music Teacher

For more information

Please contact our music teacher Michelle Murphy by emailing with any enquiries.

Last reviewed 19 August 2019
Last updated 19 August 2019